Network Publisher Widget


To enable richer publishing, Network Publisher Plugin adds a widget to the WordPress Post Editor window. This widget shows up in the right side of the Post Editor, as shown below:


Network Publisher widget offers the following features:
  1. Publish Post: Uncheck the box "Publish this post to configured Networks" if you dont want the post to get published to your configured Social Network Profiles

  2. Message: Input a message that you would like to be included as part of your post to Facebook and LinkedIn.

  3. Twitter Handles: Input Twitter handles that you would like to be mentioned as part of your posts to

  4. Twitter Hashtags: Input hashtags that you would like to be added as part of your posts to

  5. Page Type: You can set page type for each post that you publish. This page type is then used to set the Facebook Open Graph metatags. 

  6. Content from Excerpt: Check the box "Use Excerpt for publishing to Networks" if you have created Post Excerpt and want to use that as the post body while publishing to your configured Social Network Profiles.

  7. Publish Status: Widget also if content of your post has been sent to successfully. After you have published your WordPress post, the widget will show a message similar to "Data sent successfully" or show an error. You can also view your publish results from LinksAlpha Publish Results page or from your plugin settings page.

  1. From the above mentioned features, except for Post Type, all other features would get used only when the Publish Method is set to Direct.
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