Mixed Mode Alert


If you are using one of the LinksAlpha provided plugins(Network Publisher or 1-Click or Social Discussions) for WordPress, you might come across error message with title - "Network Publisher - Mixed Mode Alert". 

You will get this alert if you have configured Publishing using both, the plugin and Publication Manager on LinksAlpha.com for the same website. When you configure Publishing using one of the plugins mentioned above, the Publish Method is set to "Direct", and when you configure Publishing using the Publication Manager on LinksAlpha.com, the Publish Method is set to "RSS Feed". For any websites hosted using WordPress.org software, LinksAlpha recommends use of one of the provided plugins due to better performance. Hence, if LinksAlpha detects that publications for your WordPress.org website are configured using both "Direct" and "RSS Feed", we alert you about that. 


To resolve this issue, please switch to using the WordPress plugin for publishing content on all Networks related to a particular WordPress.org website. To make this change, follow the steps below:
  1. From the Publications page, note down all the Network names for which Publish Method is "RSS Feed".

  2. For each Network name from Step 1, find it on the Networks page, and copy the API key.

  3. Input the API key into the WordPress plugin settings.

  4. Refresh the Publications page and now the Publish Method should say "Direct"

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each Network.