Network Publisher plugin automatically adds meta tags for Facebook Open Graph and Google Plus on pages of your website. These tags serve dual purpose:
  1. Correct images on Facebook TimeLine: With the launch of Facebook Timeline layout for Facebook Pages, posts made to Facebook Pages dont take images via the post made by Network Publisher/ Instead, Facebook tries to automatically detect best image match from your blog post content. In case your blog is not setup to add Facebook Open Graph meta tags, Facebook algorithm will assign an automatically detected image to your post on Facebook Page Timeline. Now, if your web page has number of images, this automatic assignment of images might not work well for you. To help resolve this issue and enable Facebook to pick up the correct image or the featured image that you set in your blog post, Network Publisher sets the image that Facebook should pick via the Facebook Open Graph Meta tags. This feature is especially important given the fact that Facebook is moving all Pages over to Facebook Timeline layout by March 30, 2012. 
  2. Better Content Sharing: To enable easier sharing of content on Facebook and Google Plus, each of social network requires adding metatags that help define the web page. Once Network Publisher plugin is enabled, these metatags are set automatically for each web page of your site. Any link shared from your website on Facebook and Google Plus will now show up with exactly the same title, image, description as on your webpage, leading to better user experience and sharing of your content.