What is the benefit of using this Plugin?

Plugin makes it painless to distribute your content to social networks. LinksAlpha takes care of myriad authentication, and publishing options offered by the social networks so that you as a blogger can focus on your blogging, while your content gets distributed way beyond your blog. 

Which Networks are Supported?

Currently LinksAlpha supports 25+ networks including Facebook Profile, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, LinkedIn Accounts, Yammer, MySpace, Yahoo, Identi.ca. For the most updated list, click here.

Where can I find the admin page for Network Publisher?

You can find it under Plugins. Please see attached snapshot below

What is the average time taken for publishing a blog post on Social networks after I have posted it on my blog?
  1. After WordPress post is published, your blog post gets published to the Social networks that you have configured within 1 minute.
  2. To view the status of publishing (successful, any errors, etc.), view Publish Results.

Is there a way to pick which of my blog posts get posted to which of the social networks?

Yes. Please read the help document on using Category Filter Option.

Automatic publishing was working earlier, but doesn't work any more?

  1. Please view the Publish Results to check for errors.
  2. Contact LinksAlpha support is required at - Support Forum.

Images on my blog are not getting published. What should I do?

Please read the help document on Images in Posts.

How can I stop Posting to a Network?

In the plugin Settings page, you can click on Remove link next to each Publication. Click on the Remove link to stop publishing. You can also stop Publishing from LinksAlpha Publications page.

What is the difference between publishing from
LinksAlpha Publisher and publishing using the Wordpress Plugin?

If you are not in a position to install the WordPress Plugin - Network Publisher on your site, your should configure the Publishing on LinksAlpha.com itself using the Publisher. Else, one of the wordpress plugins we offer(Network Publisher or Social Discussions) should work the best for you.

How to remove the plugin?

  1. Deactivate the WordPress plugin.
  2. From LinksAlpha Website Manager, remove the required site.

What does the following error message mean - "Publishing of Post Type to configured Networks has been disabled. Click Here to enable again..."

From your WordPress settings page for Network Publisher plugin(WordPress Admin Console > Plugins > Network Publisher), scroll down to the "Post Types to Publish" area and make sure that the checkbox for the Post Type that you are trying to create has been checked.