Configuring Network Publisher
  1. Make sure you have downloaded, installed, and activated the Network Publisher WordPress plugin.

  2. If not already done, signup for an account on

  3. Add your Social Network Profiles from the LinksAlpha Networks Manager.

  4. Get your User API key to add to the plugin Settings page.

  5. From your WordPress Admin console, load Settings page for the Network Publisher plugin(WordPress Admin Console > Plugins > Network Publisher)

  6. Add the User API key(from Step 4 above) into the input box under Setup.

  7. Your Publication should now be configured. Next time you publish a blog post, it will also get posted to each of the configured Networks.

  8. To get options for the Network, click on the Options link next to each Publication. To learn more about options, click here.

  9. To make sure all publications are configured as expected, make sure your Publish Method is set to "Direct" in the Options window.