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Show/Hide Buttons Style


As a web publisher, you can choose from number of different styles of social buttons that can be displayed on your website/blog posts. By default, the Social Discussions plugin shows Social Buttons with Counters(Like, Tweet, +1 count) before the blog post body, and Social Buttons without Counters below the blog post body. In the picture below, these would be the rows 1 and 2 of the social buttons. If you want to change this and show/hide Social Buttons styles as per your needs, you can do so using the below given solution.

  1. From your WordPress Admin console, load Settings page for the Social Discussions plugin(WordPress Admin Console > Settings > Social Discussions).

  2. Expand the section titled - "Social Buttons".

  3. Check the checkboxes for Styles that you want to show. For example, in the above pic we have activated the style no. 1 and style no. 3.

  4. To hide the selected Style from your blog posts, uncheck the checkbox below "Show Style".

  5. To configure the the Style and buttons/icons select the radio button below the Styles* and now you can customize the buttons/icons. 

  6. If you want to show the selected Style on your blog posts, you should now be able to select/set the Networks, Location, Facebook/Twitter options,... offered for the Style.

  7. Once you have made the required changes, click on "Save Changes" button.