PuSH Status


PuSH Status page enables to you check for PubHubSubbub support for your website. This page is helpful in the following scenarios:
  1. You are not a WordPress.org user. And,
  2. Your website supports PubHubSubbub


Assuming that you have added PubHubSubbub support on your websites, from the PuSH Status page click on the link "Check Now". LinksAlpha takes around couple of minutes to find the PubHubSubbub on your website. If you refresh the page after 2 minutes, you should see the "Enabled" message in the "PuSH(PubSubHubbub) Enabled" column. In case LinksAlpha is not able to find PubHubSubbub support on your website, the "Check Now" link stays.

  1. For users who have downloaded and installed WordPress.org blog hosting software, they should instead use one the following plugins provided by LinksAlpha.com. 
    1. Network Publisher
    2. 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like
  2. If you are using one the above plugins and Publish Method for each of the Publications related to that website is set to "Direct", you dont need to check the PuSH Status for that particular website anymore.
  3. If you are a WordPress.org user, and are not able to use one of the plugins mentioned above, make sure you have installed and activated the PuSHPress plugin.
  4. WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Typepad.com, tumblr.com, and few other CMS/Blog software automatically support PubHubSubbub
  5. In case your CMS does not support PubHubSubbub, please try using 3rd part service like Superfeedr to get PubHubSubbub support.