Twitter Application


Follow the steps below to create a Twitter Application for your White Label publishing subscription.
  1. Open following link in your browser -
  2. Click on "Create a new application" button.

  3. In the resulting window, provide complete the following - 
    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Website
    4. Callback Url: Please enter the following as the Callback Url
    5. Agree to Terms of Service
    6. Complete the Captcha
  4. Click on Create your Twitter Application button.
  5. Your application should now be created.
  6. From the resulting application page, click on the tab - Settings
  7. On the Settings page, complete the following:
    1. Application Icon

    2. Application Type - Set Access Type to - Read, Write and Access direct messages

    3. Organization Name and Website
  8. Click on Update this Twitter Application's Settings button
  9. Now Click on the Details(next to Settings) tab
  10. On this page, you should have a section with title - OAuth Settings. Under this, make sure the Access Level is showing as "Read, write, and direct messages". Also, copy paste the Consumer key and Consumer secret to a text editor since you will need those while adding this application to LinksAlpha.