Publishing Delay Troubleshooting


If you are experiencing delay in your posts getting published, there are few changes you can make to ensure faster publishing-
  1. users
    1. Install Plugin: If your site uses self-hosted software, you should install one of the following LinksAlpha provided plugins
      1. 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like
      2. Network Publisher
    2. Reconfigure Publishing: After installing the plugin, remove any existing publications and configure them as described in the Getting Started document Configuration Step 1
    3. Check Publish Method: Once you done with above steps, make sure your Publish Method is showing up as "Direct"
  2. PubHub Support
    1. Users: In case you are not able to use one of the above plugins due to any reason, please install the PuSHPress plugin.
    2. Other CMS:,,,, and few other CMS/Blog software automatically support PubHubSubbub. In case your CMS does not support PubHubSubbub, please try using 3rd part service like Superfeedr to get PubHubSubbub support.
    3. PuSH Status Check: Once you have added added PuSH support, LinksAlpha should automatically pick up the change in 1-2 days. In case you want to check yourself, please to the following link - PuSH Status
  3. Pro Subscription:
    1. For users subscribed to LinksAlpha Pro subscription, the service checks for new posts on your website every 10 minutes. As compared to that, it checks every 2-3 hours for users on the Free plan. If you have requirement for faster publishing, you should upgrade to LinksAlpha Pro subscription