Publish Method


Depending on how you have configured publishing, your publish method can differ. As the Getting Started document shows, you can configure publishing via our WordPress plugins, or you can configure publishing on Internally, LinksAlpha terms publishing as:
  1. Direct (Recommended) - via Network Publisher or 1-Click or Social Discussions WordPress plugins
  2. RSS Feed - via

Your Publishing Method

You can check your publishing method for each Configured Publication by clicking on the Options link. In the resulting Options popup, the "Publish Method" should be shown to be either of the 2.

Changing Publish Method

You can change Publish method from RSS Feed to Direct or Direct to RSS Feed. Before changing, please note that "Direct" publishing method is the recommended. Following the steps below to change the Publishing Method:
  1. RSS Feed to Direct
    1.  Open your plugin settings page depending on the plugin you are using.
      1. Network Publisher - WordPress Admin Console > Plugins > Network Publisher
      2. 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like - WordPress Admin Console > Settings > 1-click Retweet/Share/Like
      3. Social Discussions - WordPress Admin Console > Settings > Social Discussions
    2. Copy paste the API Key for the Network whose publishing method you want to change. You can get Network API Key from the Networks page.
    3. Click on the Add API Key button. You should get a success message and the Network name should now show up under Currently Publishing section.
    4. Now click on the Options link next to the Network name under Currently Publishing section.
    5. Publish Method should now show up as Direct.
  2. Direct to RSS Feed
    1. Open the Publisher page.
    2. Click on the Options link next to the Publication for which you want to change the Publishing method. Note down any options you might have set. Close the Options popup.
    3. Now click on Remove link next to the Publication for which you want to change the Publishing method. 
    4. Click on Configure button.
    5. Select the required Website and Network and click on Publish button.
    6. Now click on the Options link next to the Publication.
    7. Publish Method should now show up as RSS Feed.