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Option - Image or Video


For select Networks, you can set if you would want image or video attached to the post published onto the configured Network profile. By default, will try to attach an image if it is found in the post. But if the user sets the option "Attach Photo or Video to Postto "Video", then video image and URL would be attached to the published post. 

For users looking for more fine-grained control over Image and Video on per post basis, they should consider using the Network Publisher plugin for WordPress. Network Publisher plugin adds a widget to the WordPress Post Editor, from where user can select if he will like to attached image or video for each post that is published.


Please use the option "Attach Photo or Video to Post" from the Options input box.

WordPress Users

WordPress users using Network Publisher plugin can set the option "Attach Image or Video" via the Network Publisher widget in the WordPress Post Editor window.

Supported Networks 

This option is currently supported in the following networks:
  1. Facebook Profile
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Facebook Group