LinksAlpha.com provides number of Options to customize Publishing of content to your Networking Accounts. Currently these Options include:
  1. Add Categories
  2. Additional Text
  3. Additional Text Link
  4. Additional Text Position
  5. Add Source Categories
  6. Add Tags
  7. Allow Comments
  8. Allow Pings
  9. Author Match Filter
  10. Category Ignore Filter
  11. Category Match Filter
  12. Custom ShortLinks
  13. Disable Smart Truncate
  14. Facebook Image Meta tag
  15. Facebook Post as Link
  16. Image or Video
  17. LinkedIn Visibility
  18. Post Status
  19. Post Type
  20. Prepend Text
  21. Publishing Hashtag


To set Options for your Publications, please Configure your Publication. Once that is complete, "Options" link will show next to each Publication. Click on this link to set Options as per your requirements.

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