Images in Posts

Description supports publishing of images to the configured Network profiles. Please follow the directions below to make sure that images are published along with your posts to the configured Networks.
    1. Publish Method is "Direct"
      All you need to do is set the Featured Image in your blog post. In case you cannot set the featured image, will try to extract the image from your content of your post.

    2. Publish Method is "RSS Feed"
      Please make sure that your website publishes RSS Feed in "Full text" format. You can change this setting from - WordPress Admin Console > Settings > Reading.

    Supported Networks
    1. Facebook Profile

    2. Facebook Pages

    3. Facebook Groups

    4. tumblr


    In certain cases, images might not get published to your Network profiles. This issue can happen 'cause of one of the below given reasons:
    1. Image Size: If posts from the source website have images with size that is less than 200px in height or width, images might not get published to Facebook.

    2. Invalid HTML: If your Publish Method is set to "Direct" and you are not able to set the Featured Image, LinksAlpha will try to extract image from the post content. However, if HTML of the post is invalid, this extraction will fail and a result image will not get published.

    3. RSS Feed Format: If your Publish Method is set to "RSS Feed" and each article in the RSS feed is set to show "Summary" of posts, images in your blog posts will not be available to to publish to your Network profiles. To get around this issue, there are 2 ways - 

      1. Switch the RSS Feed format to "Full text" or to automatically show images in RSS feed without enabling full feed. You can change this setting from - WordPress Admin Console > Settings > Reading.

      2. Install and activate the following plugin -
    If your case does not fit one of the issues described above, please open a ticket at LinksAlpha Help Desk.

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