Getting Started


This document is intended for users looking to automatically publish their website content to their Social Networking profiles. offers 3 distinct ways to accomplish this. Users can choose either one as per their requirements.

  1. WordPress Plugin(recommended) offers 3 WordPress plugins that enable you to publish your Website content - Network Publisher or Social Discussions or 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like. Follow the steps below to configure -

    1. Get plugin: Download, install and activate one of the WordPress plugins - 

      1. Network Publisher or 

      2. Social Discussions or

      3. 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like

    2. Add Social Networking Accounts: Add your social networking profiles to your LinksAlpha account from the Networks Manager.

    3. Copy API Key: Copy the Network API key from the Networks Manager page.

    4. Add Key: Add the Network API key to your WordPress plugin settings which is located at -

      1. Network Publisher - WordPress Admin Console > Plugins > Network Publisher

      2. 1-Click - WordPress Admin Console > Settings > 1-click Retweet/Share/Like

      3. Social Discussions - WordPress Admin Console > Settings > Social Discussions

    5. Confirm Publish Method: Once you done with above steps, make sure your Publish Method is showing up as "Direct".

  2. LinksAlpha Publisher

    Users and companies not using self hosted software should use the following method to configure Publishing of their content.

    1. Configuration: Follow the steps below to configure Publishing of your content-

      1. Add Website: Add your websites to your LinksAlpha account from the Websites Manager.

      2. Add Social Networking Accounts: Add your social networking profiles to your LinksAlpha account from the Networks Manager.

      3. Configure Publishing: Finally configure publishing from the Publication Manager.

      4. Check Publish Method: Once you done with above steps, make sure your Publish Method is showing up as "RSS Feed"

    2. Performance: Publishing via this method can be slower as compared to using the WordPress plugin. If your website is not using the WordPress software, you have the below given options:

      1. Pro Account - For users on the Pro subscription, posts get published to your social networking profiles within 10 minutes of being published on your website. You can upgrade to the Pro subscription from the Account page.

      2. PubHubSubbub: supports PubHubSubbub protocol, developed by Google engineers. Without going into the technical details, PubHubSubbub enables publishing of your content in real-time to your configured Networking accounts. Depending on your website hosting, please choose one of the option below-

        1. Users: For those users who cannot use provided WordPress Plugins(Network Publisher or 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like) due to technical issues, they should install the following plugin - PuSHPress.

        2. Other CMS users:,,, and few other CMS/Blog software automatically support PubHubSubbub. In case your CMS does not support PubHubSubbub, please try using 3rd part service like Superfeedr to get PubHubSubbub support.

        3. PushStatus: Once you added PubHubSubbub to your Website, make sure has picked up the setting from here - PushStatus.

    3. Publishing Delays: Please read the Publishing Delay Troubleshooting document.

Post Configuration

Once you have setup your Publishing, following links can help in troubleshooting any issues:

  1. Website Results - Logs results for fetching RSS Feed of your website which is then used to post content to your social networking profiles.

    Note - You should check Website Results page only if the Publish Method is set to "RSS Feed".

  2. Publish Results - Logs results of posting activity on your behalf to your social networking profiles.