Feeds with qTranslate


For feeds using the WordPress plugin qTranslate for publishing content in different languages, and now want to publish this content onto their Social Networking accounts, please follow the below process:
  1. Prepare list of RSS feed for each language. For example, the site Field Reporting on Earth and Environment publishes their site in 3 languages and below are their 3 RSS feeds-
    1. English - http://www.freereporter.info/wordpress/?feed=rss2
    2. Italian - http://www.freereporter.info/wordpress/?feed=rss2&lang=it
    3. French - http://www.freereporter.info/wordpress/?feed=rss2&lang=fr
  2. Add each RSS feed url to - LinksAlpha Website Manager
  3. Make sure that you do not click on the "Refresh" button on the site details page.
  4. Now use the Method 2 from Getting Started document to configure publishing
  5. Due to little complex nature of the setup, it is recommend that you should not use PuSHPress plugin. Instead for faster publishing, you should upgrade to a paid plan from your Account page. For paid users, LinksAlpha checks for new posts every 10 minutes.