Feed Errors

If Publish Method for any of your Publications is set to RSS Feed, LinksAlpha.com will get the content of your website from the RSS Feed and then publish the new posts onto your configured Networks. However, in few instances, this might not be successful and you should get an email from us providing the reason behind it. Below are the most common reason that we encounter:
  1. Error occurred while fetching RSS Feed. HTTP Error Code: 404: This error indicates that the RSS Feed URL of your website is no longer available. This can happen 'cause you have changed the RSS Feed URL of the website and LinksAlpha.com is not aware of this change.

  2. Error occurred while fetching RSS Feed. HTTP Error Code: 500: This error indicates that there is an issue on the server software running your website and you need to fix it. A common place to look for such errors would be the Apache error log or the web-app server powering your website.

  1. If you have changed RSS Feed URL of your website, from the Website Manager, click on the Details link next to the website and then click on the Refresh button in the resulting popup. When you do this, LinksAlpha.com will try to find the updated URL of the RSS Feed and if finds the new URL, that should resolve the issue.

  2. Make sure that RSS Feed URL of your website is still accessible and working.

  3. Fix any server errors in case you receive HTTP 500 error or server error message when you load the RSS Feed URL in a browser.