How can i stop publishing to a specific Network?

You can stop publishing to any select Network from the Publisher.

My Posts are not getting published. What can be the issue?

There are can be quite a few reason for posts to not get published. Best way to troubleshoot is to visit the Publish Results page first. Logged error message should help answer your question. If that is not the case, please open a ticket with LinksAlpha Support.

What does the error message - Account maximum message limit reached - mean?

Please the following help document - Account Maximum Message Limit.

Do the LinksAlpha WordPress plugins have conflicts with any other wordpress plugin?

We have seen issue with the following WordPress plugins
  1. Automatic Post Scheduler

Why does the following message show up on my Facebook Page - "Post Insights not yet available, please check back later"?

This is a Facebook feature. You can read more about it here - http://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-pages/improving-facebook-page-insights/464477419821

Why do posts to my Blogger blog have so many line breaks/white space at the start of the post?

Please read this link - http://www.bloggertipsandtricks.com/2007/06/avoid-large-white-space-above-table-in.html

Why are my posts getting published twice?
  1. This issue usually happens when you have configured publishing to your Networks using 2 different accounts on LinksAlpha.com. For example, first time you signed up at LinksAlpha.com using you Facebook id. You configured publishing and logged out. Next time around, you logged in using your Twitter account and ended up configuring the same set of Publications again. This is going to lead to double posting.

  2. It is possible that you have configured publishing via some other means like LinkedIn getting your Tweets via the setting you have done inside of LinkedIn. Few other services(Wordpress.com, Tumblr.com, Feedburner.com...) also natively support publishing, but mostly with fewer options as compared to LinksAlpha.com. 

What does the error message - "To many posts found in RSS Feed. Reduce post count to avoid errors" - mean?

Please note that this error message is relevent only to those users for whom the Publish Method of your Publication is set to RSS Feed. If your RSS Feed displays high number of posts in the feed, you will get this error message in your Website Results. To prevent these errors, please reduce the number of entries in your RSS Feed. WordPress users can change the following setting - WordPress Admin Console > Settings > Reading > Syndication feeds show the most recent. LinksAlpha.com recommends 3-5 posts should be shown in the RSS Feed.

What does the error message - "Post with this link already published. Contact LinksAlpha support if you think you received this message in error" - mean?

As per terms of service of few Social Networks, like Twitter.com, you cannot publish the exact same content to 2 different Twitter accounts. Hence you might see this error message. To resolve this issue, please publish content from one website to only one Twitter account.

What do the following error messages mean - "Post Publish Date missing in RSS Feed" or "Feed Publish/Update/LastBuild Date missing in RSS Feed"?

Your RSS feed should have post time for each post and the last updated date of the RSS Feed. If they feed has been modified by a developer, these data points might go missing and as a result LinksAlpha cannot process the RSS Feed. However, if your Publish Method is "Direct" it does not impact you.

What does the following error message mean - "Message already posted to Facebook Page via Twitter"?

From your Twitter Profile Settings page  you might have configured Twitter to automatically publish your Tweets to your Facebook Profile or Pages. When LinksAlpha posts content to Twitter.com and then tries to publish content to Facebook.com, Facebook gives an error that the content has already been published via Twitter. To resolve this error, you have to remove the connection between Twitter and Facebook from the Twitter Profile Settings page. Below is how the setting should look if connection is established. You will have to uncheck the required checkboxes in order to continue publishing successfully via LinksAlpha.com.