Facebook Timeline Images


With the launch of new Facebook Timeline feature for Facebook Pages, posts made to Facebook Pages dont take images via the post made by LinksAlpha.com anymore. Instead, Facebook tries to automatically detect best image match from your blog post content. In case your blog is not setup to add Facebook Open Graph meta tags, Facebook algorithm will assign this automatically detected image to your post on Facebook Timeline.


To resolve this issue, do one of the following- 
  1. WordPress Websites:
    1. Install WordPress Plugin Social Discussions. This plugin, among other things, automatically adds Facebook Open Graph Metatags to your blog posts. Note that you dont have to configure any Auto-Publishing via this plugin. You just need to activate it and make sure that social buttons provided by the plugin are showing on your website.
    2. Install WordPress Plugin Network Publisher. For those already using the plugin, please make sure you are on version 5.0 or above of the Network Publisher. You can check the plugin version from the WordPress Admin Console Installed Plugins page.
  2. Other Publishing Platforms:
    1. Make sure you have added the Facebook Open Graph Metatags. Details are here - http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/