Disabled Website

In Website Manager, you might come across a message stating - "1 website in your account is in disabled state...."This error means that LinksAlpha.com had trouble retrieving RSS feed from the URL you provided to us. After multiple failed attempts, your RSS feed URL is disabled in LinksAlpha system. Below is how the error message will show up:

Reasons for Feeds disabled
  1. The RSS Feed URL you provided in no longer active or has changed.

  2. The RSS Feed URL you provided is not working due to scheduled maintenance of your website or due to downtime.

Re-enabling the disabled feed
  1. Login to your LinksAlpha account.

  2. Navigate to Website Manager.

  3. For the website that is disabled, click on the "Details" link next to the website name. 

  4. In the resulting popup, click on the "Refresh" button.

  5. If the problem persists. Please remove the website and add it again.