Authorization Error

To enable LinksAlpha to publish on your behalf, you provide LinksAlpha authorization to your Network account from the Networks Manager page. This authorization is usually good for long periods of time. However, in few cases, the authorization can expire due to reasons mentioned below. In such cases, you might get errors similar to: 
  1. In your Publish Logs, you will see messages similar to "...authorization expired. Connect again". 

  2. If you are using one of the LinksAlpha provided plugins(Network Publisher or 1-Click or Social Discussions) for WordPress, you might come across error message with title - "Network Publisher Authorization Error". 

Reasons for Authorization Loss
  1. User removing access to from the Network provider site. Like using the Apps Management tool provided by Twitter.

  2. Network Authorization expiring after certain time limit as set by the Network operator.

  3. User changing his/her password on the Network site, which was later not updated on This can happen in the case of self hosted website account.

  4. User changing his/her password resulting in change of authorization token that has to be used by This can happen in the case of Facebook account.
  1. Login to your LinksAlpha account

  2. Navigate to Networks Manager 

  3. Select appropriate Network type(Facebook, Twitter...) that has encountered the Authorization Error(lookout for the alert sign next to the Network type name in the left hand side of the page, as shown below).

  4. At the top right of the screen, click on "Add {Network_Type} Account" button. 

  5. Please note that if the account does not require authorization based on your Network Account username and password, you should already be logged into that Network Account using another browser window/tab. For example, if you are getting Authorization Error message for your Facebook account, make sure you are logged into that particular Facebook account before authorizing LinksAlpa again.

Special Cases
  1. In case of Authorization Error for Facebook Groups or Facebook Events, you need to add the related Facebook Profile/Page Account first, and then add the Facebook Group/Event again from the Networks Manager for Facebook.

  • Don't remove the account before trying to Add it again since removing the Network will also delete all your existing Publish Options.