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Network on LinksAlpha means a social network or content management type that you can add to your account. For example, you can add a Facebook Page as Network to your LinksAlpha account.  


Once a Network has been added to your Account, you can use it for:
  1. Automatic Publishing of Content.
  2. Monitoring
  3. Viewing Social Analytics Reports.
  4. Providing awesome support to your customers on Facebook and Twitter.

Network Type and total Networks

Each Network Type that LinksAlpha supports, it can result in one or more Networks getting added to your Account. For example, when you add a Facebook Profile, LinksAlpha also adds all the associated Facebook Pages, Groups, Events for that particular Facebook Profile as Networks. So, in case your Facebook Profile has 3 Pages, and is part of 4 Groups, you will end up having 8 Facebook Networks. However in case of Twitter, when you add a Twitter Profile, only 1 Network gets added 'cause Twitter Profile is the only destination you can publish content to.