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Approval Workflow

To enable safe and secure publishing to social profiles, LinksAlpha provides approval workflow process for publishing of content. What this means is that Team members can create content, which will then be approved by an assigned Team member, before it gets published to the social profile. To setup the Approval Workflow, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your LinksAlpha account.

  2. Add Team Members:
    You would have to Add Team members to you account. Typically these would be the users who will be creating the content, which will then come up for approval.

  3. Assign Role:
    You would have to assign the Role "Approver - Social Media" to at least 1 Team Member. You can also assign this Role to a Group, which in turn needs to have at least 1 user.

  4. Share Network:
    The user who has been given the Role of "Approver - Social Media"(Approver) would have to share 1 or more of his social profiles using Networks Manager with his Team members who will be creating the content. While sharing the Network, make sure that the "Approval Required" checkbox is checked.

  5. Create Post:
    One of the Team Members will now create a post using Monitor. While creating the post, when either of the Post or Schedule or Auto buttons are clicked, the post is sent for Approval. A notification email is sent to the Approver so that the user can login and take the required action.

  6. Add Approvals Stream:
    Both the Team Members and Approver will have to add the Approvals Stream to be able to track the posts that are pending Approvals.

  7. Approve/Reject/Edit:
    From the Approvals Stream, the Approver can now Approve, Reject or Edit the Post. Once the Post has been approved it will get published immediately if it was not scheduled to publish at a future time.