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Stream - Add

To add a Stream to your LinksAlpha Monitor, follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to your LinksAlpha account. 

  2. Navigate to Monitor and click on the "Add Streams" button located below the Tabs. This should now load the "Add Streams" dialog.

  3. From the "Add Streams" dialog, select the Network type of the Network whose Stream you want to add. Now select the Network for which you want to add the Stream. From the list of available Streams in the third column, click on the Stream name, and now the Stream should get added.

Stream - Scheduled/Published/Drafts
  1. You can view list of all your Scheduled posts to all your Networks by adding the Scheduled posts Stream to your Tab.

  2. You can view list of  posts that are Scheduled/Published/Drafts to a specific Network by adding the Scheduled/Published/Drafts posts Stream for that particular Network.

Stream - Approvals
  1. You can view list of all posts that are pending Approval by adding the Approval Stream to your Tab.

Stream - Twitter - Suggested Users, Trends, Lists

  1. LinksAlpha offers special support for Twitter where additional Stream options are available which include "Suggested Users", "Trends", and "Lists". These Stream options are available in the "Add Stream" dialog itself.