Installation - Website

Installing Follow and Subscribe
    1. Load Follow and Subscribe configuration page.

    2. Under Basics, input the below information for the website page where you want to place the Social Buttons

      1. URL of your webpage.

      2. Title of the webpage.

      3. Image used on the webpage.

      4. Description of the webpage.

    3. Configure the social buttons and icons.

      1. Facebook and Google Plus Buttons will be added automatically to your widget.

      2. For the rest of the icons and Twitter button you need to give fill the field-set with title "customize widget". Input the Twitter ID for twitter button and for the rest just input the URL to your page/profile/channel.

    4. Social buttons languages.

      1. To change the languages of Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter buttons, select your custom language from the drop down menu under the field-set with title "Social buttons languages".

    5. Configure the widgets title, background color and size of the widget by inputting the values under filed-set titled "Size and background options".

    6. After filling the required fields, click on "Get Code". You should get something similar to below:

      <div  id="linksalpha_tag_26922" data-fs="googleplus=&amp;facebook=&amp;twitter=lokeshjain2008&amp;;;;;aboutme=&amp;;;rss=&amp;row1=%23ffffff&amp;row2=%23F5FCFE&amp;row3=%23EEF9FD&amp;row4=%23D8E6EB&amp;width=300&amp;margin=3&amp;gpluslang=&amp;fbsendlang=&amp;twitterlang=&amp;xinglang=en&amp;fs_url=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2Fwp"><div id="linksalpha_fs_container_300" style="width:300px!important;margin:0px 0px 3px 0px !important; "></div><script type="text/javascript" src="//;twitter=lokeshjain2008&amp;pinterest=1&amp;stumbleupon=1&amp;linkedin=1&amp;foursquare=1&amp;xing=1&amp;youtube=1&amp;row1=%23ffffff&amp;row2=%23F5FCFE&amp;row3=%23EEF9FD&amp;row4=%23D8E6EB&amp;width=300&amp;margin=3&amp;gpluslang=&amp;fbsendlang=&amp;twitterlang=&amp;xinglang=en&amp;"></script>
    7. Copy paste the resulting code into your webpage at appropriate location where you want the buttons to show up.