Configuration - WordPress

Make sure you have downloaded, installed, and activated the Follow and Subscribe WordPress plugin.

If not then, click here to Download the plugin.

Configuring -  Follow and Subscribe

From your WordPress Admin console, load Settings page for the Social Discussions plugin(WordPress Admin Console > Settings > Follow & Subscribe).

The Follow and Subscribe setting page :

Configuring - Title of widget
  1. Input the title of the widget that will be displayed as the title of the widget on your website/blog.

  2. Input the value of the font-size of the widget. Default value of title font size is 10 px.

  3. you can also change the color of the title by inputting the value of color in hex format. For example, the default color value is #555555 .

Configuring - Buttons and icons

To configure the social buttons and icons, navigate to section titled Configure URLs

  1. Facebook like and Goggle Plus buttons configures automatically, so they will show by default.

  2. For Twitter button to show input the Twitter id.

  3. For the Pinterest icon to make visible, input the complete URL the you of your page. for Example  .

  4. For the StubleUpon, YouTube, LinkedIn,, Xing, RSS, foursquare.... repeat the above process(input URL).

Configuring - Size and background color  

To configure the size and background color of the widget, navigate to the section titled Color and Size.
  1. To change the background color of the Facebook like button, Google plus button, Twitter button and icons, input the color value in the hex format in the respective place.

  2. To change the size of the widget you can choose the values from the drop-down menu the available values are 200px, 250px, 300px and 336px. 

Configuring - Language

To configure the Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter language, navigate to section Language options. Default language for the buttons is English(US).

To change the language of the Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter choose options from the drop-down menu.