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Add User

To add a Team member to your LinksAlpha account, follow the steps below:
  1. From the Team Security settings, click on the "+" icon next to Users title bar.

  2. From the resulting popup, input the full name and email address of the user and click on "Create" button. The new user should now get an email to complete the signup process.

  3. Alternatively, you can email the Invite URL to the new user and he can complete the signup process himself/herself. Note that user should be already signed up with LinksAlpha before trying to use the Invite URL.

  • Maximum number of Team members that you can add to your account is determined by the Team size quota of your LinksAlpha account. Please check the Plan settings page to know the current quota for your account.

  • While trying to add a Team member, if you get a message that you need to upgrade your account to add more team members, please upgrade your LinksAlpha account to add more quota for Team size. To learn more, click here.