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About - Team

LinksAlpha enables teams to work together on their Social Media Marketing projects easily and effectively. To enable this, LinksAlpha allows account owners to add Team members to their account. Team members can further be assigned to groups to easily manage their roles

Why Add Team Members?
  • Shared Quotas: Plan quotas are shared among Team members. For example, if a Team has upgraded their Storage quota, the total amount of Storage available is then shared with the Team members.
  • Approval Workflow: Content can be automatically sent for Approval to assigned approvers before it gets published to social profiles, thereby providing more security while publishing to brand social media profiles.
  • Shared Networks: Networks added by account owner can be shared with Team members. 
  • Shared Services: Services added by account owner can be shared with Team members.
  • Help Desk: Team members can work together in the Help Desk to support their customers.

How can i add Team Members?