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Commissions and Payments

  1. Commission will be earned upon second successful payment is made by the referred customer. Customers are charged on monthly basis.
  2. Affiliates will earn 100% of the first subscription amount the referred customer has paid to
  3. Affiliate will be eligible for payment only if referred customer signs up for a paid subscription with within 60 days of signing up.
  4. Commission will not be paid on orders that are fraudulent, result in a Chargeback or a customer refund.

  1. Affiliates will get paid upon attaining minimum pending affiliate income of $50. 
  2. Affiliates will get paid only if they cross the minimum pending affiliate income.
  3. Payment will be made every 30 days if your pending affiliate income is above $50. 
  4. Payment will be made to Paypal account of the Affiliate.
  5. Payment will be made in USD